How to Make Money in ClickBank

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One of the biggest questions that newbies ask is how to make money in ClickBank. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to start making a lot of money, and using the two proven systems, CBPirate has given me a complete solution without waiting for weeks. They have a new proof page that logs into my account every 2 seconds and processes my orders. This version is so amazing I have to give it to you. And it was not only the addition of two sales this account has brought in for me. The entire process has been automated for me. I work only 2-3 hours a day and make around 4-5k a month.
These are the easy ways to make money with ClickBank. Once you set it up, you can sit back and watch the money roll in. Once it is down your balance, you can roll forward, and then you can start watching the money roll in. But you take a risk, so unless you have a certain amount already to spend, you will have to invest at least $10 to get your account reactivated.
I have been fortunate with the way my business is going.
I started with a list of around 2000 emails. They were all leads, for which I had nothing to care about. I ended up list building through a very successful joint venture with an Internet Marketer that has a list of 500,000 people. Everything on my website is designed to capture leads and get subscribers. We sell the names in return for a percentage of the subscriber list that we capture. It is pure theft when we don’t use this list building to our advantage. All of my leads have been opting in and out for as long as they have been on my list.
I have been able to keep 100% of the leads that I have generated. This is by using a lead capture page that incorporates an opt-in form to build my list. This has been emailed to my subscribers and used a lead capture page with an opt-in form and a second one on the sales page. That way, I can have about 500 so we don’t even sell anything and income from my list.
Once we have built our list, because we’re building a list of buyers, we’re going to be able to make offers to these people over and over again with more and more products. Most of my subscribers buy one email on a particular product and never do it again. About 10% of them will buy from me again. It just doesn’t make sense not to build a list and have a buyer mentality.
I don’t feel like i have been successful in internet marketing. I think that most of my leads have been deleted and unsubscribed. About 80% of my leads unsubscribe on average. About 20% of my leads unsubscribe from my list.
I spend a lot of time building and driving traffic to my leads capture page with a written newsletter and free offers. The newsletters are explicitly geared to get these prospects to opt into my list. I take about ten days to write the emails. I write them in a very persuasive manner. I want them to opt-in and know that it is my list to expect to get emails from me. I use the very strong copy in my newsletters. I talk about the benefits to them in my personal style. I write them in a down-to-earth way.

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